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BMX / mtb landing standard

2.6m Tall x 4.7m Wide x 9 m Long

(8.5 ft x 15.5 ft x 29.5 ft)

Other widths available on request.

Weight: 230 kg

MTB / BMX airbag landing

The standard model "BMX / MTB airbag landing" is designed for the more advanced riders. Its bigger size and steeper angle makes it perfect for poppy kickers and bigger tricks. Its portability makes it the optimal landing ramp for demos and events. The Airbag has an advanced internal design which allows you to adjust the mattress to a soft setting without affecting the firmness and stability of the airbags base wedge. The landing can be delivered with either a long or short run-out mattress to match your preference.

Make your impression

We know the importance of a good impression when doing demos or events. The BMX / MTB airbag is delivered with banners with your design on both sides as standard. Along all edges there is eyelets allowing you to further customize and attach banners to make the impression you want!  

We will help you with the design and create a 3D rendered model for you to review before production starts. 

airbag 3D model
Safety first!

Our airbags main purpose is to offer a training platform that is safer then a conventional landing. We know by experience that the hardest slams and biggest injuries occur in the transition area of the landing. That is why all our landings comes with extended and thick mattresses in the run-out of the airbag as standard!

While many manufacturers are looking for ways to save material and make their products cheaper, we keep quality and our customers safety as our first priority.


- Optimal landing dimensions. 

- Optional, extended mattress for added safety.

- Heavy duty, replaceable top-sheet.

- Advanced internal design with individual adjustment of firmness of airbag mattress. 

- Multiple Air-vents for pressure adjustment.

- Reinforced seams in landing mattress area.

- Reinforced anchor points. 

- Velcro and eyelets with bungee-cord for banner attachment.

- Replaceable banner with your design.

- Multiple color options. 

- Airblower included

mountainbike airbag landing
mountainbike airbag
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