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Lets get started
Are you interested in one of our airbags or have a custom project?
Want a free quote with a 3D model?
Let us know your needs and ideas and we will get back to you quickly! 
Email us at or use the form below.
Dont forget to provide your address for us to be able to check the shipping costs! 

Thanks for your submission! You will hear from us shortly! P.S. Check your spammail if there is no reply.

  • What is the delivery time?
    Since our products are tailored to each clients needs this can vary quite a bit. Generally it will take around 2-3 weeks from the order is placed until the product is ready to be shipped. The shipping time varies from just a week by air and between 3-6 weeks if its shipped by boat. Contact us with your specific needs and your whereabouts and we can give an estimated time frame and price quote on production and the different shipment methods.
  • What is the payment terms?
    - 50 % deposit before the production starts. - 50 % balance when airbag is finished and ready to ship. The payment can be made with bank transfer as well as paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account You can still pay with your credit card with an encrypted payment link through Paypal. Since all our airbags are made to order we do not give any refunds of the deposit after the production has commenced.
  • How do i place an order?
    You can place your order by using the contact form or by emailing us directly at Make sure you include the following information: - Which airbag You want to order. - Full name and Contact details with phone number. - Delivery adress. - Special requirements such as colors, custom size, logoprints and so on. We will get back to you to confirm the details and attach an invoice for you to make the deposit before production starts. If You choose to pay with PayPal we will send you a secure payment link from Paypal.
  • Where is the airbags produced, do you have your own factory?"
    No, we do not have our own factory. Just like the other major airbag companies we are cooperating with several high quality factories that builds the airbags to our specifications and requirements. This way we keep the costs low while professional and established factories do the manufacturing on our behalf. We use factories based both in Europe and in China.
  • What size generator do i need to power the fans for the airbag?
    BMX lite and BMX / MTB standard: Powered by 1 x 1.5hp blower. Generator needed: 2.8 kva or bigger. (2200W) FMX Landing mattress: Powered by 2 x 1.5hp blowers Generator needed: 4.5 kva or bigger. (3600W) Complete FMX Landing: Powered by 3 x 1.5hp blowers. Generator needed: 6.7 kva or bigger. (5400W) The airblowers pull more amps at startup. Once the airbag is inflated and some backpressure is created they will require less power. If you have problems with your breakerswitch or your generator cutting out, try starting one fan at a time and allow the compartment to be inflated to create some backpressure before starting the next one. Once the airbag is inflated you can then open up more airvalves to adjust the correct pressure for jumping. Avoid running multiple airblowers on the same cable as well as using cables longer then 20 meters as this can lead to the airblower getting damaged or in worst case even fire!
  • Will I have to pay import duty on the airbag or is this included in the price?
    If possible we will deliver the airbag with Duty paid, meaning you will get an all included price and you do not have to pay any additional fees related to import. There is however countries where we are not able to deliver it with duty paid, meaning the customer will have to do the clearance and pay the fees on pickup. When getting a quote we will let You know if this applies to Your country or not to avoid any surprises.
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