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BMX /MTB landing Junior

1.6m Tall x 4,3m Wide x 6,5m Long

(5.2 ft x 14ft x 21,5ft)

Other widths available on request.

Weight: 100 kg.

From US 2.750$ + shipping 

Times change! Kids are getting into extreme sports at a younger age and going bigger than ever before! To keep up with the progression and to help keep the Groms safe we have developed the Junior airbag landing. Its mellow design and extended safety zones makes it the ultimate platform for your kid to safely get started with jumping. From the first jumps to the first backflip and beyond!


bmx airbag for kids
Safety first!

Our first priority when designing the Junior landing was to keep your Grom safe. Just because kids are small and aren't doing the biggest jumps does not mean they need less room to crash on. Actually its quite the opposite!

The Junior airbag features extra width and an extended mattress on the runout as standard! 

Bumpers without added cost

When it comes to kids safety we do not believe it should come at an added cost. If you want safety bumpers to prevent your Grom from falling off the sides we will add this free of extra charge.

BMX grom airbag landing

- Custom Logo prints

- Heavy duty, replaceable top-sheet.

- Multiple Air-vents for pressure adjustment.

- Reinforced seams in landing mattress area.

- Extended mattress for added safety.

- Optional safety bumpers.

- Reinforced anchor points. 

- Eyelets for banner attachment.

- Multiple color options. 

- Airblower included.

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