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landing maTtress

Fully customizable sizes for both BMX, MTB and FMX 

snowmobile airbag landing

With the current state of our sport and the constant progression of even bigger and more dangerous tricks, you need more then just skills and big balls to stay relevant in the game. The inflatable landing Mattress is the latest addition of tools necessary to safely progress in the sport. 

Soften up your landing
madrass exploded4.png

Everyone who has learned a backflip, frontflip etc. on a motorbike knows it is one thing to do it in a foam-pit and a whole different world to do it to dirt. Besides mind games and potential head farts, other factors are added that a foam-pit simply cannot simulate. You might over-jump or come up short. Over or under rotate. On dirt You have to get it right the first time or there might not be a second chance lined up in the immediate future. Why not soften up your landing and increase your odds a little? Installed on top of your dirt landing the Airbag mattress gives You the ability to safely try, fine tune and build confidence in your new trick before finally taking it to dirt.   

Contact us today to get a quote on a fully customized landing mattress to fit your landing!


- Customized shape to fit your landing. 

- Heavy duty, replaceable top-sheet.

- Double layered landing mattress with individual adjustment of firmness. 

- Multiple Air-vents for pressure adjustment.

- Reinforced seams in landing mattress area.

- Reinforced anchor points. 

- Eyelets for banner attachment.

- Multiple color options. 

- Airblowers included.

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