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BMX / MTB landing lite

2m Tall x 3,8m Wide x 6,5 or 7 m Long

(6.5 ft x 12.5 ft x 21,5 or 23 ft)

Other widths available on request.

Weight: 110 kg

From US 2.950$ + shipping
BMX airbag landing

The BMX / MTB lite airbag landing is the right choice for anyone looking for a easy and affordable setup to have some fun on. Its mellow design makes it perfect for beginners yet it is still steep enough for pro riders to be able to boost some big tricks. Its compact size and low weight makes it super portable!

The Lite landing can be delivered with either a long or short run-out mattress to match your preferences. 

BMX airbag landing
No compromises on quality or safety

When we designed the Lite model we aimed at creating a landing that was affordable, suitable for all levels, and easy to move around. All this without compromising on quality or safety. The lite landing is built with the same quality materials as its bigger brothers. 

Extended Mattress for added safety

If you are looking for added safety our Bmx lite landing can be delivered in a long version with an extended, thicker mattress on the ground for added safety. If you plan to use your airbag mostly for trying new tricks this is the right choice for You.   

BMX / MTB airbag landing

- Logo branding

- Heavy duty, replaceable top-sheet.

- Multiple Air-vents for pressure adjustment.

- Reinforced seams in landing mattress area.

- Optional, extended mattress for added safety.

- Reinforced anchor points. 

- Eyelets for banner attachment.

- Multiple color options. 

- Airblower included.

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