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Gymnastics - Trampolining - Stunts - Fall protection

Fully customizable sizes and shapes.

Available thicknesses: 0.75m - 1.2m - 1.5m - 1.8m

Prices upon request.

gymnast airbag

Our airbag foam pit is the perfect tool for anyone looking for a stationary or portable crash mat system. It is easy and quick to set up, low maintenance and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

The Inflatable foam pit consists of a base mattress with multiple air pillars that individually and jointly absorbs and dampens the impact of the user. The high amount of separate air-chambers allows for simultaneous landings from several users of up to 8 m. With multiple air vents the pressure of the airbag can be fine-tuned to match the desired softness.

tumbling track airbag
Fully customized to match your needs

Whether you are a gymnast looking for a small portable crash mat for your backyard or a Trampoline park in need of multiple airbags for trampoline stations and fall protection we can help you out.

Full customization available with color-printed materials and tailor made size and shape.  

Just provide us with your ideas, dimensions and requirements and we will design the perfect airbag to match your needs. 

High quality materials and experienced factory

Specialized in inflatable foam pits, and with thousands of airbags delivered across the globe, the factory we use for our inflatable foam pits  is one of the leading and most experienced suppliers on the market. 

Our foampit airbags are made with high quality materials and production methods that meets or exceeds european standard EN 14960 and EN71.

Foampit airbag

-  Up to 5 air pillars per m/2.

- Simultaneous landings

- Easy set up and low maintenance

- Multiple color options and printed top cover.

- Heavy duty, replaceable top-cover.

- Multiple Air-vents for pressure adjustment.

- Reinforced anchor points. 

- UV resistant materials for outdoor use. 

- Airblowers included.



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